Day School


Saturday 18 Oct

10.00 to 16.00

With experts in the field review the origins and landscape history of Lindow Moss - the peat bog (home of Lindow Man), the surrounding historic peat-land landscape and the sandy fringes, including Lindow Common. Explore the potential for future restoration and the scope for conserving this historic landscape.    

£35 Booking Ref: 14S123


Lindow Moss Guided Walk 25 October 2014 - a follow-on to the workshop taking place on the 18th - contact Wilmslow Guild for details

A New Vision For Lindow Moss - April 2014

Click for event report : New Vision for Lindow Moss Event Report

Lindow Moss Film 2011

Lindow Moss 1960's Footage

The Moss, world-famous for the discovery of Lindow Man in 1984, requires urgent action and the cessation of peat extraction to give it a chance of preservation and restoration.


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